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Traditional vision testing uses black and white static images.  It fails to account for the fact that acuity is actually a matrix response of the Red, Green, and Blue cone photoreceptors in your eyes.  The retinal neural ganglia function as biological circuit board, and are chromatically sensitive to light to stabilize, and emphasize, seeing red at far distances and green at near distances.  Static-letter black and white image testing fails to account for Red-Focused Chromatic Vision (RFCV) and its related near-vision symptoms affecting acuity such as dyslexia, migraines, and other chromatic-responsive visual problems. 


Green-Focused (near-preferred) Chromatic Vision


Epithelium  =>  4 Neural Ganglia Layers  =>  Photoreceptors




Red is focused behind the retina.


Retina Structure


There are 100 cone (color perceiving) photoreceptors for every optic nerve fiber.  The neural layers of the retina “process” the responses of the photoreceptors much like a circuit board with the emphasis on patterns of motion and proximity.  Those neural ganglia are also chromatically sensitive and emphasize seeing red at distances and green for near vision.


ViewChroma™ lenses restore chromatic balance to overcome the symptoms inherent in Red-Focused Chromatic Vision (RFCV).



Red-Focused (distance-preferred) Chromatic Vision


Red is focused on the retina.

NeuChroma™ corrected Red-Focused

Chromatic Vision (RFCV) for near-distances


Red is focused behind the retina


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